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The Montessori Curriculum that we follow has 6 overall areas in the classroom.

The first area is called Practical Life. This area has activities designed to help children learn social skills. They learn how to care for themselves, the environment and others. For example children learn how to pour and scoop, use kitchen utensils, food preparation, dishwashing, sweeping activities, wash their hands, and other self care practices. While participating in these activities the children are learning movement, concentration, muscular control, independence, and hand to eye coordination.

The second area is called Sensorial. The materials for these activities help the children refine their senses. The children learn through visionary materials their shapes, colors and size. They learn through tactile materials what is rough, smooth, soft and hard. They learn through their auditory materials music, and what is loud and soft. Some of the children's favorite ways to learn is through using their taste senses. All of these types of materials help children define their environment more precisely with observations.

The third is called Cultural Studies. These subjects include studies of other cultures and the study of the world. Some holidays from the United States are celebrated throughout the year. Children learn the concepts of continent, country and state.

The fourth area is called Science. The children begin to understand about the natural world by observing and experimenting with the natural items that surround them in the classroom. They learn about life cycles, scientific methods, and most important to ask questions about their observations.

The fifth section is called Language. This section of the classroom has materials to develop vocabulary. This area is rich with the written word to practice reading, and learning the sounds of the letters. There are also materials for children to practice their writing skills. Along with this section of the classroom we incorporate everything to encourage reading, writing, and vocabulary.

The sixth area is Mathematics. In this area we encourage hands on learning with the Montessori materials specifically designed to teach math concepts, names and numbers. Children will begin an understanding of mathematical concepts such as counting, symbols, sequences and quantity. This knowledge is the foundation they need to begin addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

We offer three programs at Empire Montessori Preschool:

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